Meet our coaches

Gilbert Ayoub

Individualized Plan

A lifetime athlete, I am an accomplished runner, cyclist, and triathlete. As associate coach, I ensure consistency across all the services T R I H A R D Team Coaching provides.

My interest in endurance sports started in the early 70’s when I prepared to run my first marathon. Over the years I added mountain bike racing and in the early 2000’s I started doing Ironman races. Being a mountain biker I also do Xterra races. All those years are shared with the athletes I coach in preparing them.

I have been coaching for over 20 years. I have helped beginners to high-performance athletes achieve their goals. Runners, cyclists, and triathletes have trusted my methodological approach to coaching which leaves very little to chance. I use the latest data analytic tools to follow my athletes progress. This reveals a variety of information including, physiological adaptation, overtraining, or undertraining.

Tony O’Keeffe

Front Row Plan

A military professional for over 30 years, I served as an Airforce officer with the Canadian Armed Forces in flying operations at tactical and command level, and on multi-national/ coalition operations in Bosnia Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I did my first triathlon (1989) while stationed at 4 Wing Cold Lake AB which led me, eventually, to elite level competition. Along the way, I logged a lot of miles and made a bunch of mistakes.

Selected as head coach of the CF National Triathlon Program (2001-08) I was able to learn and share best practices with some of the leading coaches in triathlon.

What you will find working with me is a synthesis of my own experiences and lessons learned the hard way.

I am available for consultation to review your history, goals and objectives.