Our Mission

Trihard Coaching provides the triathlon community experienced triathlon coaching professionals to organize, manage and conduct training camps, skill clinics, workshops and seminars, as well as personalized coaching.

Our benefit to you as our client rests in our team’s ability to work with you to identify your needs and goals. You can expect to play a lead role in your programs’ development as we work together to plan your season. We share with you our passion for learning through research and development of emerging trends in all aspects of triathlon;
Only those who are willing to go too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
Aggressively compete for and deliver top quality services and programs to clubs, teams, business communities, corporate challenges, and provincial/national multisport developmental programs;

Support and promote local health and fitness activities and events, expertise; and,

Provide individual and group coaching services and training programs that include:

+ personalized training plan
+ swim, bike, and run analysis using motion capture software
+ nutrition and fueling planning
+ group seminars on topics of interest
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